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Quality Assurance
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Crimson Electric, Inc.
Electrical Apparatus Service
Crimson Electric has been in business since 1954 and has a proven history of
providing first class problem-solving products and services.

We have an ongoing commitment to these important principles:

� Safety � Quality � Organization � Work Ethic � Cleanliness

Additional Attributes

� ISO 9001/2000 Certified Vendor
� U. L. Certified repair center
� 50 plus years as an active member of Electrical Apparatus Service Association
(EASA), a trade group of 2500 firms. Crimson President is currently Region Director on
EASA International Board, and past Southeast Chapter President of EASA
� Staff with 25 plus years of experience and knowledge in the industry
� Provide dedicated Account Manager with experience and knowledge to handle the
customer's individual needs
� Provide on-site consultation and troubleshooting
� Provide service 24/7
� Free pick up and delivery during regular hours, provide emergency pickup and
delivery after hours
� Located within 10 miles of BMW's plant
� Utilize customized software designed specifically for our industry, provide failure
analysis report
� Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) available
Your "best choice" for quality products and services.
Quality Assurance
Crimson Electric has been dedicated to superior customer service since 1954. We
continually strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the
highest value. Our commitment to comply with Quality System ISO 9001-2000
ensures our continued focus on improvement.

Crimson Electric strives to be a leader in our industry by meeting our customers'
unique needs with attention to detail, highest quality materials, latest technology,
and employee development in terms of pride, experience and skill.

It is our intent to provide our customers, suppliers, employees and community with
pride in their association with Crimson Electric.

This policy is communicated to all interested parties including customers, suppliers
and employees.
Our Quality Guarantee
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